Adventure: an exciting or very unusual experience (via Webster’s Dictionary). Here y’all will find ideas for your own adventures, travel destinations & ideas, tips & tricks to play around with, & of course, all sorts of outdoor shenanigans.

50 Ways to Fall for Fall

Can y’all smell it? You know…The one the furnace makes the first time you turn it on, bon fires, & pumpkin spice everything! It’s fall y’all & I can smell it in the air!… Oh! Wait!…I live in the south! Sigh…I wish I could smell it…Here it’s still 90 degrees & we’re dodging hurricanes. Ahh,… read more

Wild Goose Chases, Rabbit Holes, & Forrest Fenn

What would autumn be without a good adventure read? How ‘bout an adventure book that actually inspired you to go on an adventure? Better yet, how ‘bout an adventure book that gave you clues to not only go on an adventure, but may actually lead to treasure? That’s exactly what I’m reading (again for the… read more

Summer Bucket List

It’s no secret y’all, that I LOVE summer. I don’t know what it is about this season that makes me want to be free, adventurous, & child like. But, man does it! I still love getting up early & getting all my stuff done, just so I can go outside to play. Weather you’re a… read more

Find Your Coordinates To This Summer’s Adventure!

As I sit on our porch sippin’ sweet tea, I can’t help but giggle as I watch another familiar group of strangers franticly circling the telephone pole across the street.  It’s a common occurrence & yes, it’s our fault that they are voluntarily looking so silly in public. All the while I’m feeling their excitement,… read more

Quick Start Your Summer By Planning To Be Spontaneous

Ooh, y’all. After being cooped up in Chicago for what seemed like an endless winter, this Georgia Girl is beyond happy that warm weather is finally here. The sun, the sky, the breeze, & the water they are all calling me & outside is where I long to be. Luckily the hubbs loves being outside… read more

Travelin’ With Pets

Our pets have personalities all their own & I can barely remember our life before our precious Shaqy Shoes (aka Shaq).  He’s brought so much joy & comfort to us, he deserves to be treated as a family member, & for most of us our pets are just that!  I mean, why else would we… read more