Cultivate: to promote or improve the growth of something with labor and attention (Sherr’s Webster paraphrase). I just love to play with words ;) Yes, we’ll grow some blooming things here, but I like the idea of cultivating our relationships & traditions too. So let’s grow more than just plants here.

Ode to Autumn

This time of the year is so exciting to me.  I love the changing weather, the smells, the food, & most definitely the leaves. I wanted to write something witty & insightful to describe how blessed I feel this Autumn, but I think Paul Laurence Dunbar does a much better job. Merry Autumn It’s all a… read more

Dirt Roads, Google, & Date Nights

I remember way back in the day…How excited I’d be just knowing that he would be picking me up at 6 o’clock.  I’d take hours getting my hair just right, picking out my cutest outfit, & making sure my make-up was flawless.  Then, when he knocked on the door, I’d get a quick kiss &… read more

A Special Thank You

When I started this process I just wanted to encourage my readers to “Go for it!”. I wanted to help y’all slow down, take time to make time, & to help you create a life you’d love living. Oh! It had to be pretty too. I had no idea of how much work would have… read more