LifeStyle: the manner in which a person lives (Sherri’s definition). Life is crazy, here we’ll do it in style. From entertaining to farmer’s markets you’ll find it here. Life with style.


Well, y’all I do believe spring has finally sprung!  Hopefully the blizzards are behind us & Mother Nature has figured out how she’s supposed to act. With Easter just around the corner our week of purging has begun. Like most of y’all I love purging in the spring. There’s something about being able to fling… read more

5 Tricks To Getting Your Time Back On Track

Time. Time with those we love. Time for more experiences. Time to fulfill our purpose. It is one of life’s most precious commodities. And yet it is also incredibly fleeting. As a woman, mother, traveler, & Christian, I feel the pressure of time passing every day. Yet I know that’s not how I should view… read more

Not Your Average Trick-or-Treat

Sometimes I think Halloween gets a bad rap.  I mean, I know that society & Hollywood have turned Halloween into a gory & even demonic holiday.  However, it wasn’t always that way.  It used to be all about becoming your favorite super hero, cartoon character, or a princess, attending the school costume party, going trick-or-treating,… read more

Don’t Weary

Do y’all ever get weary of doing well? Sometimes I believe we all do. Whether it’s for work, our family, or other obligations, sometimes it all just gets to be too much..Before we know it things pile up & we are so far in over our head that we feel like we’re drowning in a… read more

5 Minute Trick to Getting Up Earlier

As the days begin to shorten & the nights get cooler, we begin to enjoy easing into the comfort of our beds. Only to be jolted out of dream land eight hours later by the demonic sounds of our alarm clock. I can think of nothing worse than that sound. However, much to our dismay… read more

September RoundUp-My Must Haves

Life for me is C.R.A.Z.Y. this month y’all! Our daughter got engaged just a few weeks ago & she will be married by the end of this month! Not to mention our next project begins in early October. If I ever needed to practice living intentionally this would be the month. We all have those… read more