Taste: A relish liking or partiality for something (via Webster’s Dictionary). Go ahead, take a bite. I’m a firm believer that the world was meant to be tasted. Our whole existence depends on food. So, why not enjoy the journey & the process. Here y’all can share my recipes, concoctions (me trying to figure out a restaurants recipe), & menus. On occasion you’ll find a restaurant that managed to “Blow my Mind”.

Branch & Bramble Pie

Ladies, autumn is here! Y’all, next to spring, autumn is my favorite season. There’s something nostalgic about the smell of the air as the cooler weather starts to set in. My imagination starts to wander back to when I was a little girl picking mulberries & wild onions, pretending to be little red riding hood…. read more

Amish Food Time

One of our most favorite things to do especially in a new town, is drive back roads until we have no idea of where we are. There’s something liberating about turning off the gps & just driving. Believe it or not, getting lost on purpose is the best way to find great new things. Case… read more